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They are able to entertain an entire company and are seen as a welcome guest and an amiable host. They have respectful approach to commonly accepted authorities and the government, with special affection for magnificent surroundings. It is very regretful for them when they cannot afford an elegant outfit, for they enjoy influencing people with their external side.

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They do not spare efforts and means to always be up to latest fashion trends. Their views do not stand out and they sympathize with the commonly accepted opinion.

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Often turns out to be fatherly and advising for people. They are a born teacher and demonstrate great ability for that. But what is even stranger — their students are very devoted to them and make progress in learning just to be on their good side. They wish to bring their ideals to life and see them applied in practice.

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What threatens them. Life difficulties caused by debts and creditors, of which they will always find a way out through some unexpected fortune. If your birthday is on January 15 your zodiac sign is Capricorn. Go to the next page and see most famous January 15 Birthdays. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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