Astrology zodiac houses

How are Horoscope Signs Different?

What are the Astrological Houses? The 12 Astrological Houses and their meaning.

What are the Astrological Houses?

What are the Astrological Aspects? What are the different kinds of Astrology?

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How do I find out more on Astrology? The First House of the horoscope represents you, your identity, your essence and your physical body. The Second House of the horoscope describes the values that you hold, including your personal sense of self worth, self esteem, talents, and ability to survive.

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  7. The Third House represents your mind; it's the natural house of Gemini so it relates to your ideas, thinking, and communications. The Fourth House is representative of your emotional needs.

    Horoscope Houses in Astrology | Jessica Adams

    It refers to the past, childhood patterns, family, and physical home. The Fifth House is the house of creativity, love, and children. It shows how you express yourself.

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    The Sixth House shows responsibilities and commitments that you will make. It also rules health issues. The Seventh House is all about significant relationships and marriage. The Eighth House is about intimacy, bonding, trust, and attitudes toward sex and taboos. The Ninth House represents your faith and beliefs on a more philosophical level.

    The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

    It also pertains to higher education, legal, and religious systems. People often share preferences for certain astrological signs, swearing to never date another Gemini as pop star Lizzo did on her most recent album.

    As interest in astrology grows and apps to look up the signs of potential co-workers, partners and housemates become more mainstream , some have speculated that rejecting someone based on their star sign is a form of discrimination. This argument is legally tenuous at the federal level, said David Levine, a professor who teaches civil procedure law at the University of California Hastings College of Law.

    The last time he was looking for a place to live, Jesse, a paralegal based in New York City, found a room in his price range on a queer housing group on Facebook. Although I suppose that logic applies to other forms of discrimination. The closest protection this may hinge on is religion, which is difficult to prove.

    The 12 Houses in Astrology -- Going Beyond Your Zodiac Sign

    To discriminate against religions without doing so openly, companies can make buildings less amenable to certain groups. An Orthodox Jewish couple may avoid housing that does not have a Sabbath elevator or some customers may avoid buildings with bad feng shui based on their beliefs, he said. We are constantly making choices, and often this is a perfectly legal choice. Many states offer additional protections under housing law, barring people from discrimination due to factors including medical condition, genetic information, marital status or sexual orientation.